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Maggy is El-Tomato megapro surabaya mapras

The owner of this Maggy is El-Tomato. And his Maggy’s called Windy. Why does Tomat called him Windy?
Hmmm…coz he likes the situation especially when a smooth wind blows on his face…feels cool, calm, relax, so comfortable, mostly in the morning or evening 🙂 Besides, he hopes his Maggy can act or be like that wind. Doesn’t matter how’s it look like…coz nobody caan describe how does wind look like…so unseen, right? but for sure…it can make everything either everyone be in a better condition (happy, cool, calm, relax, comfort enjoying their precious life.
and yesss…agreed with that, Tomat!!! His Windy Maggy is a tough Maggy after all… :p

For Tomat is a common one, he has a passion to modify his Windy different with other that faced a reality of his life, therefore he inspired by himself 🙂 All of the modification based in what does his Windy can help and support his activity, such us his job and also his passion in riding and touring. What he has done to his Windy is to have a reason for all modified. He just makes over the machine for a reability on his journey, plug in a windshield for maximize the aerodynamic, not forget…also the triple boxes that really usefull for helping him to carry all stuff that Tomat needed in the journey. He changes rear brake-lamp for a differentiate from others.


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